Lee Livingston, Esq

Lee Livingston, an award-winning lawyer, founded Livingston Law Firm to help people who have been wrongfully harmed move forward with their lives. This starts with a complimentary consultation to evaluate your case.  Livingston Law Firm commits to building a personal relationship with each of our clients.

People seek help from our team when they are in need, and Lee and his associates offer personal attention to each client. Lee Livingston, rated one of the best lawyers of 2012, has a powerful history of success during his 20-year career. His commitment to doing the best by each client he and his firm work with has resulted in a long list of peer review awards.

Whether you need help with personal injury, malpractice, or business litigation, the Livingston Law Firm is ready to assess your case and offer you help in your time of need.

Call us at our *new number* 434.951.7338 to schedule your complimentary evaluation.

Lee Livingston, Esq.